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At the heart of our mission lie our core values, driving us to empower customers, team members, and partners as a positive force in the food system. With a transparent supply network, scratch cooking, and a community united by the power of real food, we’re dedicated to making a difference.

Our Product Range

A Bounty of Healthful Delights – Nourish Your Body!


Deliciously nutritious salads:
Fresh, colorful, and a boost of vitality in every bite!


Fuel your day with wholesome sub sandwiches: Tasty, nutritious, and satisfyingly good!


Nutrient-packed health bowls:
Nourishing, flavorful, and a bowl full of goodness!


Taste the goodness:
Healthy tacos, a fiesta of flavors that nourish!


Wrap up wellness:
Nutritious, flavorful, and a guilt-free delight on-the-go!

Cold-pressed Juices &

Revitalize with nature’s best:
Cold-pressed juices and smoothies for vibrant health!

Real food, Locally sourced, Simply Satisfying.

We bring fresh food with exciting flavors to the table for friends and families to enjoy year-round.
It all starts with the best ingredients: plant-centered, chef-inspired, 100% clean, real food.

Rare & pesticide - Free

We treat our plants with copper formulations, which stimulate growth and act as deterrents against fungus.

Clean energy

Wind, solar, and biomass energy can be harvested forever, providing farmers with a long-term source of income.

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Freshness in every leaf,
handpicked with love! 🌿🌱
Our salads are a symphony of flavours and nutrition, straight from the farm to your plate.

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Healthy Revolution

Discover Saladific: Your Pathway to Fresh, Wholesome Delights! Join our thriving salad franchise family, where crisp greens, vibrant ingredients, and innovative dressings unite to create an irresistible symphony of flavors. Embrace a healthier lifestyle while serving the community with a franchise opportunity that’s both nourishing and rewarding. Saladific – Savor Life’s Goodness!

A salad a day keeps the doctor away.

Your day, always have
a good start.

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